Creating an event in the UserRoll platform is really simple and easy. You can create a webinar event in a few steps and launch your event immediately to accept registration for your webinar.

After you have logged in to the account, you can find the "Create Event" function on the home page.

1. Click "Create Event" to get your event started.

2. Enter event basic information such as event title, event date, time zone, and a brief introduction about your webinar to create excitement with the attendees.

Tip: You can also upload an image to get more interest from your attendees.

3. After clicking the "Create" button, your event is easily created in a quick way and make the event live on the website.

Now, with the basic event information, you can make your event Live. You can also view your live event by clicking "View Event".

Next Steps: To complete the perfect webinar registration site setup, please check out the following sections.

The following features are commonly used in the webinar events.

  1. Setup a custom Registration Form - Collect the details of registrant such as Name, Company, Job Title, etc.

  2. Customize a Confirmation Email - The confirmation email template can be customized to include details of your webinar such as an instruction to join the video conference

  3. Customize Confirmation Page (Thank you page) -

  4. How to send a personalized invitation email

  5. Schedule Event Reminder Email - Set up an auto event reminder email to remind your audience to attend the event on time.

Selling tickets for your webinar?

  1. Online Payment methods with Stripe

  2. Sell Tickets Online

Note: The event settings and customization can be done as and when required even after the event has been published.

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