UserRoll allows you to set up a registration form with custom questions and fields based on the information you required to collect from your audience. It’s quite flexible, easy and simple to choose the fields you want to have in a few clicks.

The following standard and custom field types are available.

Standard Fields (Commonly Used)

  • First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Job Title, etc.

Custom Fields

  1. Single Line Text

  2. Paragraph Text

  3. Multiple Choice

  4. Checkboxes

  5. Dropdown

  6. CountryList

  7. Group Header

  8. Description (Static Information in the form)

  9. Horizontal Line

  10. Date

  11. * Breakout Session with Quantity Control

  12. * File Upload

Note: Fields with * are available for GROW plan and above.

How to create a Customized Registration Form

To create the customized registration form, refer the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup section of the event

  2. Go to Setup >> Registration Form

Field Settings

Under each field setting, you can apply the following:

  1. Required - make it mandatory field to fill

  2. Hide this field - the hidden fields will be hidden from the registration form but they are useful for internal reporting purpose.

  3. Additional Option (such as Max. Length for Single Text - this option varies depending on the field type)

Breakout Session (Multi-Session) Field

If your event requires to have multiple choice with a quantity control due to a limited seats (E.g., the breakout sessions, workshop sessions, etc), you can use Breakout Session Field. The field can add multiple options and each option can be set with a quantity available. If the number of registration registered with a session has reached to the quantity assigned, the session will be automatically locked not to accept registration further.

Add Terms and Conditions of your event

Last but not the least, you can add your own registration terms and conditions of your event. [Read the article]

Advanced Settings

Note: You can also able to add the "Terms and conditions" of your event registration form if you want.


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