The "Thank you" page is also known as the registration confirmation page which will be shown to the registrant upon successful registration and prompt the registrant with a message "Thank you for your registration".

In UserRoll, you can customize the default "Thank you" message to tailor it according to your event campaign. For example, if you are hosting a small webinar, you may want to provide the instruction of joining a webinar such as a webinar link and the phone number of video conferencing information on the confirmation page so that the registrant can save it in their event calendar.

Example of the customised Thank you message

There are 2 types of messages in the thank you page.

  1. Thank you message for the confirmed registration

  2. Thank you message for the pending registration.

To know more about confirmed and pending status registration, click here

To customize the "Thank you" page, please go to the following:

  1. Go to My Events in the top navigation bar and then click the "Setup" button of the event

  2. Click the Setup tab in the main menu in your event admin.

  3. Click the "Thank you page" in the left menu as shown in the picture below.

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