UserRoll provides an invitation email feature that allows you to send an invitation email to your intended guests.

Unlike other standard invite emails, UserRoll invitation email feature allows you to send each guest with a unique and personalized registration link that will be pre-filled with the recipient guest’s necessary information such as name, email, etc. to make the filling up form easier for your guest.

Here is how it works:

  1. The organizer selects the ticket type and fill up the necessary information of your guest as show in the picture below.

  2. Click “Send Invitation” to send the invite email.

  3. The guest will receive a unique registration link embedded in an invitation email

  4. When the guest clicks the registration link, the link will pre-populate the registration form with pre-filled information such as Name, Email added by the organizer.

Customize Invitation Email

The invitation email can be customized with a personalized message and header image to be engaging. The guest will receive a personlized registration link with pre-filled information to ease the registration.

Registration Flow from Guest

  1. Guest receives an invitation email and click Register Now as shown in the picture above

  2. It will bring to the registration page with a pre-filled information of the guest

  3. Fill up the necessary details and submit “Complete Registration” to confirm the registration.

  4. Registration Complete - The registration will bring to Thank you for registration page.

Example of Pre-filled Registration Form

Example of Thank you page

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