UserRoll allows the event admin to invite an event collaborator to co-manage the event. The collaborator can access to the backend administration of the event and can manage the registration report, amend the event information, etc.

To add collaborators, please refer the steps below:

  1. Go to "My Events" in the top navigation bar and then click the "Setup" button of the event.

  2. Setup >> Add Collaborator (Click the "Add collaborator" in the left menu as shown in the picture below.)

3. Click the "Add a collaborator" button and enter your collaborator's Email.

Important Notes:  If your collaborator does not have an account with UserRoll yet, he/she will be prompted to register first. 

4. Select the role you want this collaborator to be. There are two roles to be selected:

  1. Manager role is allowed to manage the whole event (such as edit event settings, manage orders, discounts, view reports, etc) except permission on "Manage Collaborators".

  2. Analyst (View Reports Only) role is allowed to view reports such as orders and attendees.

5. Click "Add User" and an invitation email will be sent to the collaborator.

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