UserRoll allows an option to automatically send out the auto-generated e-invoice (Tax Invoice) and receipt to the registrants who purchase a ticket for a paid event.

To set up the Receipt and Invoice setting, please refer the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage section of the event

  2. Manage >> Receipt & Invoice (that is in the left menu under the Manage tab)

How to customize the receipt and invoice setting

  1. Under "Setting" Tab, add your billing organization name, billing contact details, tax registration number, and invoice number prefix to appear in the receipt & invoice as shown in the picture below.

UserRoll - Receipt and Invoice Setting

2. An option to "Send Invoice" to send the auto-generated invoice.

3. If you provide a manual offline payment option such as Bank Transfer and Cheque, you can add the Payment Terms (E.g., 30 days) to set your payment due date and you can add the payment terms and conditions in the invoice if necessary.

Tips: You can see the sample terms and conditions by clicking "View Example" button under the "Terms & Conditions in the invoice (optional)" box.

4. Your own Logo in the invoice

If you may want to add the logo in your invoice and receipt, Click the "Add Logo" tab and upload your logo as the recommended file size.

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