A gentle reminder email is essential to drive a high attendance rate and bring participants into attention with heads-up about the event. You may also require to communicate your participant with event details such as event program, start time, dress-code, or instruction to join the webinar if it's an online event, etc.

The reminder email is customizable and it can be set with a specific date and time to send out automatically. For example, if the event is happening in a week, you can create two schedules to send out reminders - such as 48 hours and 1 hour before the event date.

And even on the event day, you can still send out reminder emails with event-related information to all of your audience to stay until the end of the event.

Schedule reminder email

To schedule a reminder email, here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Go to "My Events" in the top navigation bar and then click the "Setup" button of the event.

  2. Click the "Setup Checklist" tab on the right side of the main menu in your event admin.

  3. Among the items, please go to "Schedule Event Reminder Email".

Click "Edit" to schedule an event reminder email.

4. Click "Add New Schedule" and choose a schedule to be "immediate" or "specific date and time".

5. Then, click "Add Schedule" and the reminder email has been set in the schedule.

Important Notes: Please be cautious of the time zone and it will affect the planned scheduled time to be wrong.

Customize email template

To customize the email template,

Click "Email Template" and customize the following parts.

Custom Display Name: This name will be displayed as the sender's name in the receiver's mailbox;

Custome Reply-To Email: If an attendee wants to reply to the reminder email, the reply will go to this address.

Custom Subject: The subject line of your email.

Custom email content: You can edit the message, add a banner image in the reminder email, and add the event-related information such as the instruction of joining a webinar, the phone number of video conferencing information, image, etc.

Check email activity

Click "Email Activities" Tab and you can check the total reminder email that you had sent in the Email Activity.

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