UserRoll allows you to populate the registration form field with a logic based on the selected ticket chosen by the registrant.

Note: This feature is available for the Grow Plan and above customers.

Why would you need this feature?

Your event may have two types of guest categories - Normal Guest and Speaker. When speaker registers, you may want them to request additional information such as Speaker Bio, Linkedin Profile, etc..

For such an above requirement, you can set up two ticket types. One ticket type is for the regular guests, and another ticket type is for the speaker.

In the form field setting, you can choose the fields that you want to apply for a particular ticket type. (For example, the β€œSpeaker Bio” field is to use for Speaker ticket type.)

To set up the form field setting, refer the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Go to Setup >> Registration Form

  3. Click β€œShow Hide Field Settings” in the Registration Form section

  4. Click the field that you want to set the show/hide logic by ticket type.

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