UserRoll allows you to create discount codes whether you are running a special promotion for ticket sales or giving a free complimentary ticket with a private discount code.

To create the page, refer to the steps below:

  1. Go to the Manage section of the event

  2. Manage >> Discount Code in the left menu

Create Discount Code

By Amount or By Percentage

UserRoll provides the discount options by a discount with a specific amount or percentage (%) of a ticket fee.

  1. Discount by Amount (E.g., $10 off)

  2. Discount by Percentage (E.g., 30% off)

Tickets applicable to the discount code

You can also specify the tickets that are entitled or applicable to the discount code.

Option to limit the usage count

Sometimes, you may want to limit the usage of a discount code especially if the discount is a very special one with a limited number. For example, when a discount code is created for a free complimentary ticket for one specific person, you may want to limit it to 1-time use to prevent claiming multiple registrations or preventing it from sharing with others.

Option to set a validity period with Start and Expiry Date

UserRoll also allows a discount code with a validity period. For example, if you are running a promotion for the month of October, you may want to set the validity of the period with the start and end date of the discount code as shown in the picture above.

The validity of the period also can be used to run a tactical promotion such as the Early Bird discount.

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